What’s the Agenda?

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By: Lance Cu Pangilinan   With the uncertainty of the future, we all try to find some kind of certainty by setting goals for ourselves towards growth. In the same way, the national government sets particular programs, projects, and activities (PPA) that they set  in place so as to further improve the quality of life […]

Remittances in the Philippines

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By: Byron Ng & Manuel Ramos   For the past few months, the news cycle has been dominated by doom and gloom considering the current state of political polarization in the country. There always seemed to be some rising issue regarding gas prices, food insecurity, and just recently the staggering 7.7% inflation rate. Despite this, […]

The Oil Price Hike In the Lens of Economic Globalization

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By: Mary Martha Manaligod As March 2022 went by, oil prices rose in the Philippines thanks to the constricted supply of oil imports creating inconveniences for Filipinos, specifically for the transportation sector. The pricing per liter increased at PHP 13.15 for diesel, PHP 7.10 for gasoline, and PHP 10.50 for kerosene (de Vera, Ocampo, Subingsubing, […]

In The Loop

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In The Loop By Cheska Firmalo   It is no secret that the Philippines suffers from the problem of plastic pollution. Despite the passing of the Solid Waste Management Act in 2001, landfills and litter on streets are commonplace. With the country being a signatory to several environmental agreements, there is little initiative when it […]