Kleptocratic Kings

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By Bernice Halili and Anton Arguelles Thesis Statement: This paper is a comparative analysis of the kleptocratic regimes of Ferdinand Marcos and Suharto. Corruption is known as the gross misuse of public funds for personal gain, an economic and political phenomenon that has been around since the establishment of political regimes and structures. Over the […]

The Life and Death of a Trend

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By Patricia Lao* There are some things in life that we have a constant need for. Food, clothes, and education all fall under this category. These things are a part of our everyday lives; we buy clothes on a regular basis, we go out to eat with others almost weekly. They’ve become a fragment of […]

Economics of the World Cup

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By Jake Cureg, Robbin Dagle, and Jose Mendoza Brazil has long been one of the most revered names in international football. With their flowing play style, the likes of former superstars Pele, Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho, as well as the rising star Neymar, plus the Seleção’s (the national football team, literally translated as “the selection”) record […]

ON CAMPAIGNING, GOVERNING, AND LAWMAKING: Recollections and Reflections of a former President

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  Exclusive interview with Donald Jay Bertulfo and Katherine Peralta Transcripts by Xavier Roel Alvaran and Lorenzo Miguel Cordero Veteran of many wars. Distinguished officer of the armed forces. Hero of People Power. Loyal member of the Cory Aquino Cabinet. Defender of democracy against military adventurism. And, from 1992 to 1998, a father to his […]

Arming The Kurds – A Fine Line

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By Javi Martinez and Dom Ranises The Islamic State, otherwise known as IS (and formerly ISIS or ISIL), is at the forefront of today’s news. Its penchant for ultra-violent practices such as mass executions of religious minorities has gained international notoriety and this, coupled with both the groups’ acquisition of advanced military equipment and its […]