The Ateneo Economics Association (AEA) aims to be a dynamic and progressive student group that forms its members into competent leaders and agents of economic welfare who are:

  1. versed both in the theory and practice of economics,
  2. dedicated advocates for economic consciousness among the community, and
  3. active catalysts in endeavors for socioeconomic development.



The fulfillment of AEA’s goals lies in the implementation of projects aligned towards our vision. Our organization shall be committed to the following five approaches in the pursuit of AEA’s ideals:

  1. Progressive membership through effective academic support, competent leadership formation, and stable internal relationships.
  2. Promotion of economic consciousness by staging opportunities for economic discourse
  3. Serving as an intermediary between the academe (the Ateneo Economics Department), other pertinent Economics-related bodies, and the Ateneo student body.
  4. Participation in endeavors for socioeconomic development by equipping students with the necessary faculties for economic research, and engaging in related efforts which are beneficial and relevant to the rest of the community.
  5. Advancement and application of basic economic principles in good business practices.


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